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Mr. Tham Yau Kong

Slagon Homestay & Adventure



It’s located in the valley 5km South of Ranau town and is one of the best also most comfortable homestay I had ever seen!! Please visit www.slagonhomestay.com

With Ranau golf course just 10 minutes drive away; many Dusun villages; orchards; rice fields; beautiful countryside etc, Slagon Homestay is just an idea location where leisure and adventure tours in Ranau begin!!

Well, let’s meet the Slagon Homestay owners Dr Othman Minudin (former Member of Parliment for Kinabalu) and his wife Dr Lungkiam; they can show you the best of Ranau be it the Dusun cultures and lifestyle, local foods, WW2 historical sites, golfing etc.

For adventurous visitors; a stay in Slagon Homestay will also enable you to mountain bike to the countryside to explore more Dusun villages; trek to visit Rugading waterfalls and hotspring; whitewater rafting down Liwagu river to get to know WW2 history and others.

So, please come to Ranau and stay in SLAGON HOMESTAY……….

Created on 14 March 2008