Mt. Trusmadi & Mt. Tambuyokon


Mt. Trusmadi

Located in the district of Tambunan and is about 20km away to the north east of the district on the Trusmadi Range; Mt. Trusmadi at its height of 8,669ft, is the second highest mountain in Malaysia. There are two main features of Mt. trusmadi, i.e. the endemic Nepenthes Trusmadiensis was only found here and seeing the view of Mt. Kinabalu from here. The view was said to be the best in Malaysia. Other species of nepenthes like Nepenthes Lowii and Nepenthes Microphylla, many species of rodedendrons and orchids are found here in Mt. Trusmadi. A 3 days 2 nights expedition journey to trek Mt. Trusmadi from Tambunan is the most perfect duration. A forestry permit is needed.

Mt. Tambuyokon

Nestling among hills and valleys in the mountainous and remote northeastern region of Sabah. Forever in the shadow of Mt. Kinabalu, Mt. Tambuyokon at 8,462ft is the 3rd highest mountain in Malaysia. Mt. Tambuyokon is home and colonies of Nepenthes Edwardsiana and Nepenthes Rajah. More than hundred species of mushrooms and fungis are also found here. Lies within the boundaries of Kinabalu Park, access to Mt. Tambuyokon is strictly controlled. A permit is required to be applied from the Sabah Park to trek to the summit of Mt. Tambuyokon. A normal expedition will take a duration of 5 days 4 nights and it is from KG. Manggis, Ranau.