Mt. Kinabalu Heritage Track


Last century, when British North Borneo (now Sabah) was under British colonial rule, there were no roads into the interior. British officials, naturalists, geologists, adventurers and others wishing to visit Mt Kinabalu and Ranau did so on horsback, using a bridle track which began at Kota Belud, on Sabah’s west coast. Although no one travels by pony nowadays, the track through the mountains to Kota Belud still exists, and is often used by local Dusan people to travel to their farms and from one village to another.

The track winds its way through the hills and valleys around Mt Kinabalu, recently declared a World Heritage site, and is very scenic. The Dusuns who live in the hill-side villages are among the most friendly and hospitable people on earth. So, what better way to see this magnificent part of Sabah, than by following the the old jungle trail downhill from Mt Kinabalu to Kota Belud, staying in local villages along the way?

TYK Adventure Tours, has put together walking tour packages (minimum of 3 days/2 nights) which include the opportunity to enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Dusun people, staying in their homes and accompanying them to their farms to plant crops or trekking with them into the nearby jungle to gather medicinal plants, rattan etc.

All treks, which begin at 4,000 feet and finish at Kota Belud, homeland of the famous ‘Cowboys of the East‘, are accompanied by experienced Dusun guides who come from the villages around Mt Kinabalu. Transfers between Kota Kinabalu and Kota Belud are included in the package.


Created on 26/11/2008