Kulangas Hotspring Adventure & Survival (KHAS)


Poring Hot Springs, to the north of Ranau, is a well-known destination for tourists and locals alike but few people are aware of another hot spring to the south of the town, located in the Liwagu River valley, and accessible only by raft. After an exhilarating ride downstream, a walk of about ten minutes from the river bank through primary forest takes the adventurer to a beautiful waterfall, and the hot spring. It is indeed a “Sabah wonder”!!

According to Mr Jamirin Kulangas, of RUGADING VILLAGE, the hot spring was discovered by his father, KULANGAS, in 1930, and his family has looked after it ever since. Mr Jamirin, a jungle survival expert, has now built a small bamboo cabin, called LAYUNG CAMP SITE, in the midst of the primary forest beside the river, so that he can share his knowledge and skill with adventurers wishing to visit the hot spring and waterfall.

To honour the Kulangas family’s efforts in protecting this unique site for over 70 years, and for making it available for local tourism development, TYK ADVENTURE TOURS has named it KULANGAS HOTSPRING, and is proud to offer a two-day/1 night, or 3-day/two-night, adventure tour package – KULANGAS HOTSPRING ADVENTURE & SURVIVAL (KHAS). This expedition is exclusive to TYK Adventure Tours.

The adventure begins with two-hours of white-water rafting down the Liwagu to LAYUNG Bamboo Cabin, followed by a short trek through the jungle to the hot spring and waterfall. An overnight stay in the cabin provides a wonderful opportunity to learn some jungle survival skills, first hand, from JAMIRIN KULANGAS. The next day, a further three to four hours rafting through the steeply sided Liwagu Valley takes you to the exit point.