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TAUN GUSI VILLAGE HOMESTAY – C.A.N & Wildlife Experience

TAUN GUSI VILLAGE HOMESTAY - C.A.N & Wildlife Experience

When Kota Belud is mentioned; all will say “Lets go to see the Cowboys of the East.. “
and also the Sunday “Tamu” – morning market.
But there’re so many things to discover and to do in Kota Belud if you decide to stay for a night or two.

Kota Belud is so rich in


You can see the Bajau Horsemen, native Bajau making “Parang”- knives etc.


You can do mountain biking near the beautiful beaches, the hill ranges at the foot of Mt Kinabalu,
horse riding to the countryside, trekking at Sayap, Melangkap, Tambatuan etc.


Beautiful mountain, beaches, islands, waterfalls, rivers etc all are awaiting for your visit.


A river cruise from Kg Tamau, you can see there’re so many proboscis monkeys, birds and other wildlife.

So, why not come to Kota Belud to stay at TAUN GUSI VILLAGE HOMESTAY and
let Tuan Ismail Muile to plan an itinerary for you to experience the exclusive C.A.N & Wildlife of Kota Belud.

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