Mt Trusmadi located in the district of Tambunan at 8,669ft is the second highest mountain in Malaysia. Trekkers climbing Mt Trusmadi as early as 1980s whereby those days they had to start walking from Kg Batu 8 in Tambunan through farmland and primary forest. In a Class One forest reserve of an area of 74,736 ha gazzatted in 2010; Mt Trusmadi is now also can be climbed from Kg Sinua, Keningau.

Though the main entrance of Mt Trusmadi track is from Tambunan; there’s a transfer of more than 20Km through the abandon logging offroad track to its starting point.

However;trekkers must obtain the forestry entry permit from the Sabah Forestry Department either in Tambunan or in Keningau. Duration for the trek is usually 3 days 2 night.

We’re here presenting to you our 3 days 2 night programme for SINUA TRUSMADI TRACK-Tainiskon

Day 01

Leaving Kota Kinabalu transfer to Keningau and proceed to Kg Sinua. Meet Mr Dennis Ikon in Kg Sinua and you will be transfered to TAINISKON Base Camp. Mr Dennis Ikon will organise some farming activities for you. Delicious dinner will be served.(D)

Day 02

After breakfast, leaving Base Camp to walk to the Forestry Post and then start to trek through 8km of secondary forest to Camp Two. Normally you will take 5 to 6 hours to trek to Camp Two. Please bring your tent, sleeping bag and floormate as night temperature there can be freezing and windy. (B,L,D)

Day 03

Morning call at 2.30am; have a cup of hot coffee and start to proceed your trekking at 3am through 4km of mossy forest to the summit of Mt Trusmadi for the beautiful sunrise. In a clear day, you can see the spectacular view of Mt Kinabalu at the north.On your journey trekking back to Camp Two; you will be able to see most species of Nepenthes, orchids and rodedendrons. Reach Camp Two and proceed to the TAINISKON Base Camp. A night stay in the Base camp whereby Mr Dennis Ikon will serve you rice wine and tapioca wine. (B,L,D)

Day 04

After breakfast, leaving for Keningau for your next destination. Come and discover more adventures in Trusmadi apart from trekking up to its summit. Trusmadi is also home for several hundreds species of birds of Borneo. Mr Dennis Ikon is able to show you the birds and frogs in your extension stay in his TAINISKON Base Camp.

Want to experience the wonders of Mt Trusmadi? Please contact Mr Dennis Ikon