Mulu National Park – Pinnacles, Caves, Nepanthes


Mulu National Park is a World Heritage Site located at the northern part of Sarawak. It has a lot of nature wonders to offer to you. If you love natures, come to visit the four show caves in which each has its uniqueness. If you love adventure, come to climb to see pinnacles also climbing to the summit of Mount Mulu where there’re so many endemic plants.

For those who love to see Nepenthes, Mulu National Park is also a heaven of Nepenthes.

You can either coming into Mulu National Park by the Malaysia Airline MAS Wing or simply from Limbang through the Headhunter’s Trail where you will experience one of the best adventure journey. Comfortable accommodations are available in the Park and you will be guided by the knowledgeable licensed tour guides.

Visiting the four show caves, climbing up to Pinnacles or Mount Mulu, seeing the unique Nepenthes? Let us know and we will tailor-make a tour programme for you to visit Mulu National Park

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