Mt Kinabalu Holiday Camp


We’re living in a world with nature forces which we can not see and these forces are very powerful. The strong wind; incredible sun heat; earthquake, tsunami etc. However, to a certain extend we can feel it through energy as we get into natures to appreciate and enjoy the peaceful environment of it.

There’s a place 1,000 meter above sea level at Mt Kinabalu in Ranau located a garden and a camp where you can feel the natural energy as you come into the great nature which gives life……
Come to this great nature where you feel the energy; to see the beautiful garden of plants; marvelous sunrise and sunset of Mt Kinabalu. Here is also a site where a project of planting a million trees to give back to nature. Also you can have a great adventure at this holiday camp.

Contact us or Mr Oliver Fung at his mobile 016 5841757 to come to Mt Kinabalu Holiday Camp to experience the great Nature, to encounter the peaceful flow of Energy and have a wonderful Adventure of your activities. A 2 days 1 night tour will give you the BEST.

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