Miki Jungle Survivor

MIKI SURVIVAL CAMPMIKI SURVIVAL CAMP is situated in the primary forest at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu called Mohan Tuhan. It’s a private native land owned by Mr Sadib Miki from Kiau Nuluh Village. As the source of water for the nearby villages are mainly from Mount Kinabalu, therefore it is important that the surrounding forests at the foothill are protected. The setting up of Miki Survival Camp helps to conserve this area through tourism related activities in the form of outdoor adventure education.Jungle activities like making campsite, identifying edible fruits, foods and traditional madicines, making traps, jungle navigation etc are conducted.

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SADIB MIKI is a Malaysian licensed tour guide conducting jungle survival skills in this camp with his team. His survival knowledge is passed down from generation to generation in this area. Tourists visit the camp has the opportunities to acquire his jungle survival skills. The Miki Survival Skills is a tour package established and marketed by TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd since 1999.

Today, more than ten groups of school students from UK, a group of the Cathy Pacific cabin crews, local NGO groups, adventure foreign tourists and many had experienced their jungle survival skills in Miki Survival Camp. The UK Survivor School has also in the past years used the Miki Survival Camp to conduct their Borneo jungle programme.

Tour packages range from two days one night to longer duration can be arranged by TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd.