Kinabalu Heritage Track


A trek at the foothill of Mt Kinabalu through the historical “British Route” across hill rice field,pineapples field,wet rice field,scenic villages and countryside views.Doing some of the community works together with the local villagers in their farm so that you will be able to learn their traditional skills way of farming.Stay in the villages to experience the lifestyle of the local hill tribes;have an evening soccer game with the local teenagers etc.

The KINABALU HERITAGE TRACK tour packages can be ranged from 3 days 2 night to 5 days 4 night all depend on your preferences.Villages where you can stay for the nights can be at Kg Kiau Nuluh,Kg Lobong Lobong,Kg Kaung,Bokilong and Kg Tambatuan.Though the distance between each village is not far;the hilly terrain;scenic views that may stop you for photographing and also the stopover at farms where you can do some community work with the local native farmers will spend your whole day.

Basically the starting point of the KINABALU HERITAGE TRACK is from Taburi which is 4.5km to Nuluh.From Nuluh to Lobong Lobong is 6km.Then from Lobong Lobong to Bokilong is 6km also.The ascending from Bokilong through THE single dense jungle track then descending to Tambatuan crossing a few small streams is 3.5km.Come to experience what an adventurous and scenic KINABALU HERITAGE TRACK.