Batu Putih Adventure

Batu Putih Adventure

Kampung Batu Putih, a village situated at south eastern part of Sabah which is about 100Km away from Sandakan. A location alongside the Kinabatangan River, lived the Orang Sungei who’re rich in their culture and traditional, Batu Putih is blessed as a tourists destination apart from it’s rich wetland wildlife and historical caves. It’s homestay set-up several years ago which was called Miso Walai Homestaywas the most successful in Sabah. Almost everyday, tourists who are sent by tour operators or coming by themselves by the public buses, they come to expereince what all they have heard about the great “Batu Putih Adventure”!!

Batu Putih Adventure is a 3 days 2 nights homestay programme that begins with a cultural shock upon tourists arrival!! Tourists were invited for their lunch but to eat with their hands. Then an adventure riverine with a night stay in the jungle camp near to an Oxbow lake. In the late evening, primates lived around the area would climb up to the treetop to sleep and they were anxious to see the tourists in their campsite.

Follow by the next day a visit to the historical Batu Tulug which was a cave of the ancient burial site of the Orang Sungei whereby a lot of ancient wooden coffins still could be seen inside the caves. During fruiting seasons, lucky tourists will be brought to orchards to eat the local tropical fruits of all kind!! Later, back to the villages, tourists will check in their individual homes of the villages to begin their homestay, i.e to learn the  lifestyle of the local native people. They learnt local language, cooking, games etc

A cultural dance would be performed and all the tourists would be invited to dance together with the dancers. What a wonderful cultural experience to gain!!

On the next day at the time of leaving their host-parents for their next destination, most tourists felt it’s hard to leave!! A wonderful memory they had got from Batu Putih; it’s not easy to forget!!

Batu Putih Adventure; an unique homestay programme that all should go to experience in the land of the “Orang Sungei”!!


Day 1 :
Either pickup from Sandakan airport or Kinabalu Park. Transfer to Batu Putih village alongside Kinabatangan River. Lunch is served. Then get into boat to jungle campsite to set up camp. Later, river cruise to see Proboscis monkeys, crocodiles, birds, possibly wild elephants and other primates. Return to campsite for overnight.
Day 2 :
Another early river cruise to see wildlife. Then depart return to Batu Putih village. A visit to the Batu Tulug to see ancient burial sites of the Sungei people. Batu Tulug is also a museum site. After lunch and then check in to Batu Putih homestay. In the afternoon, visit the local orchards and in the evening, a local game with the villagers. A night stay in the local homestay learning lifestyle of the Sungei people.
Day 3 : After breakfast, transfer to Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary to visit the Orang Utan.