About Us

TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd was originally formed by a group of very experienced adventurers whose achievements are recorded in the Malaysia Book Of Records.

Foremost among these experts, one has been awarded Malaysia Tourism awards for developed the “Best Tour Package 1996/7, 2001/2“, “Best Educational Tourism 2004”, “Best Innovative Tour Operator 2004” and holder of “Best Tour Guide 1998/9 awards.

Many elements of the company’s record-breaking expeditions now form the basis of the most exciting and innovative tours accessible to travellers, film production companies, educational and incentive groups.

Our areas of expertise include jungle and mountain trekking, including the renown jungle survivor expeditions led by the famous Miki family, mountain biking, wetland wildlife observation, historical Sandakan Ranau Death March and well as specialist birds watching and cultural tours. Expedition planning, adventure challenge and team building, as stand alone projects or within an incentive or conference package, all receive the detailed planning and client consideration to which others aspire.

Whatever your initial contact is to our office in Borneo or via website at borneo-travel.com every request starts with a blank piece of paper. First we listen then work with you to produce the most exciting experience available in Borneo and are unique to you. Borneo-the ultimate adventure. TYK Adventure-the acknowledged leaders in the field.

tykawardFollowing are the Tourism Malaysia Awards we managed to win for Sabah.

1997 : Tourism Malaysia Award 1996/7

  • Premier award – Best Tour Programme (Summit of Mt Kinabalu) 

1999 : Tourism Malaysia Award 1998/9

  • Premier award – Best Tour Guide2001 : Tourism Malaysia Award 2000
  • Merit certificate – Best Tour Programme (Pulau Tiga Adventure) 

2002 : Tourism Malaysia Award 2001/2

  • Premier award – Best Tour Programme (Summit of Sabah’s World Heritage Site) 

2005 : Tourism Malaysia Award 2004

  • Premier award – Best Innovative Tour Operator
  • Premier award – Best Tour Programme (Sabah Tea Adventure)
  • Merit certificate – Best Inbound Tour Operator 

2007 : Tourism Malaysia Award 2005/6

  • Premier award – Best Innovative Tour Operator
  • Merit certificate – Best Tour Programme (Miki Jungle Survival)
  • Merit certificate – Best Tour Programme (Sandakan Death March) 

2009 : Sabah Tourism Award 2008/9

  • Premier award – Best New Tour Package (Sandakan Ranau Death March) 

2010 : Malaysia Tourism Award 2008/9

  • MERIT CERTIFICATE : Best Innovative Tour Operator
  • MERIT CERTIFICATE : Best Heritage & Culture Tour Programme

2011 : Malaysia Tourism Award 2010/2011

  • Special Jury Award – Best Tour Operator

2017 : Sabah Tourism Award 2016/2017

  • Premier Award – Best Community-Based Tourism Initiative (Rural)


Founder of TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd. Began as a tour guide in 1990 after been worked in the engineering firms for about 10 years. For more information, please visit www.thamyaukong.com



Founder, based in UK for international marketing. Please visit www.borneo-travel.com


A Director of TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd who is also in-charge of the financial department. Though studied and worked in the accountancy line; farming is his new challenge which he has ventured into in the recent years. See what he had set in www.tykadventuretours.com/farm.htmCome and join our TENOM FARMS HOLIDAY TOUR



A tourism vateran in Sabah for more than 2 decades, he’s now specialized in birds watching. Please visit www.borneobirds.com


Historian for Sandakan Ranau Death March. Please visit www.lynettesilver.com


Being with the company since establishment; Betty looked after the administration and account department.

A friendly administrator;certainly she looks after everyone so well.


Bella started her tourism carrier as a Tour Coordinator with Borneo Endeavour in 1995. She then joined TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd in May 2003 as a Tour Executive. Today she is the Tour Operation Manager manning the daily operation, booking and as well providing tours quotation to several international well known tour operators in UK. Bella’s vision in tourism industry is to success and be able to have a small homestay lodge in her hometown to sustain her love in this hospitality and service industry.


Joined the company early 2014 as TOUR COORDINATOR. Taking up tour guiding course in mid 2014 and passed the examination, obtained a localised tour guide license. He had trekked to the summit of Mt Kinabalu, Mt Trusmadi, Mt Tambuyokon and Mt Mulu and had a vast knowledges of nepenthes. Walking through Sandakan Ranau Death March tracks several times with Australian historian Madam Lynette Silver and he was one of the track guide with the British Royal Engineers group in June 2016 walked the MOST COMPLETED Sandakan Ranau Death March track from Sandakan Memorial Park to Ranau POWs Last Campsite in a total distance of 265km. Ride leading with most of our foreign tourists cycling groups; he is emphasizing more into our cycling tours. Recently he had cycled from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. He is in the midst of innovating more adventure cycling tour packages for the company.


Augustine was a member of TYK Adventure Team since 1992. As an office-clerk formerly with Borneo Memories Travel Service and Borneo Endeavour, he had been working together as a good team-mate with others. In his adventure experience, he had been doing a lot of recce works together with TYK and had walked through part of “Walkers of Borneo” expedition. Due to his nature of work, he had created a lot of good public relationship with a lot of governmental departments.


Japlik Lajong joined TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd in 2002 as a coach driver. He had been sending guests to almost every districts in Sabah and had obtained extension knowledge of places and experiences through the TYK Adventure Tours packages that our tourists traveled to. If you’re arriving Kota Kinabalu International Airport after midnight, he will sleep at the airport waiting for your arrival. If you have a very early morning airport transfer, he will be there hour earlier to pick you up. Some wander he’s a speedy driver but technically, he always make very sure that the vehicle he’s driving always in tip top condition and well maintained. If you’re his passengers, you will enjoy the general knowledge about places in Sabah that he will share with you.


Isak was with TYK Adventure Team since 1998 as a rider guide. He was once the Borneo Rainforest Cup mountain biking race champion, race held in Mulu National Park. Being a member of the Malaysia Book of Record cyclist for the first group to mountain bike circumvent Mount Kinabalu, his mountain bike was at its worst condition but he managed to make full use of it!! He was the chief rider guide for the 1999 and 2000 UK SENSES Cycling Charity Challenge where several hundreds of cyclists from UK mountain biking from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan. He was also been featured by famous sport journalist Mr Steve Thomas in some of the oversea mountain biking magazines.


Sadib at Sabah Tourism Award night 2009A member of TYK Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd and the owner of Miki Survival Camp at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu. He was a very active adventurer in the TYK adventure team since 1997 and had trekked in most part of Sabah and Sarawak including the Walkers of Borneo.He operated Miki Survival Camp and providing jungle survival educational knowledge which he had learnt from his ancestors.

For more information, please visit www.thamyaukong.com/miki


A member of TYK Adventure Team since 1998 where he had his first adventure expedition after leaving school. He had joined the WALKERS OF BORNEO expedition for a week before he enrolled into a technical college in Papar. Finishing his education in the technical college, due to his love in tourism, a hospitality and service industry, he ended up concentrating his family business, i.e in the Miki Survival Camp providing jungle survival knowledge that he had learnt from his ancestor to the visitors to the campsite. Maik is also involved in finding the Sandakan Ranau Death March track in 2004.


JIMMY GINSOS had been with TYK Adventure Team since 2000 where during a recce work in Danum Valley for Eco Challenge 2000 adventure race, for the first time in his life met the giant elephants and also the five feet GROUPER in Semporna that indirectly gave himself a courage there’re things outside bigger than him but he could overcome it!! He’s the Chief Trekker in the Sandakan Ranau Death March since 2004 and his capabilities had inspired many!!